2022 Mahone Fund Scholarship Recipients

Carthage College Full-Tuition Scholarship Awards

Bradford High School 

Christopher Lyons

Christopher M. Lyons

GPA: 3.1 

Christopher will study Business/Finance while attending Carthage College.  His goal is to “explore monetary processes, Allocations and developing currencies”. Christopher’s future endeavors include entrepreneurship and institutional investments. He believes that a positive self-outlook leads to success. 

Mahone Fund Carthage College Education Access Awards

Bradford High School

Haylee Applegate

Haylee M. Applegate

GPA: 3.0

Haylee will study Biology while attending Carthage College, intending to further pursue veterinarian studies. She plans to continue leading a happy, healthy and active life style to set a good example for younger siblings and maintain positive energy in all aspects of life.  

Leslie Sauceda

Leslie M. Sauceda

GPA: 4.0 

Leslie will study Psychology while attending Carthage College. She is motivated by challenging herself to take risks and working hard to explore a variety of opportunities. She wants to find a career which will bring happiness, success and make her parents proud.

Harborside Academy

Gracie Underwood

Gracie E. Underwood

GPA: 3.7

Gracie will be attending Carthage College and is exploring a field of study where she can bring her passion for helping people to her profession. She is inspired by the words of Mister Rogers, “Look for the helpers”.  She is motivated by helping others and plans to serve her community though multiple endeavors.

Indian Trail High School and Academy  

Donovan Edwards

Donovan J. Edwards

GPA: 2.5

Donovan will study Business Management while attending Carthage College. Motivated by family to work hard, he wants to be a successful entrepreneur, moving toward starting his own business, providing financial freedom and opportunity for himself and his family.

yesenia muma

Yesenia M. Muma GPA: 3.6

Yesenia will study Business while attending Carthage College. Inspired to go to college by family members she has lost, Yesenia believes her college experience will bring new opportunities, people and views to create a successful business future for herself and her family.  

Lakeview Technology Academy    

Grace Ziegelbauer

Grace A. Ziegelbauer

GPA: 3.9

Grace will study Computer Science while attending Carthage College, planning to program video games. She understands that games can create brighter days and bring joy and happiness when daily struggles are overwhelming. She wants more happiness and joy in people’s lives.  

Mahone Fund CEO Youth Scholar Awards

Bradford High School

Aniyah Ervin

Aniyah Ervin

GPA: 3.1

Aniyah will be attending Louisiana State University where she will be studying Education. She has been motivated by her love of reading books to become a teacher and aspires to help students grasp concepts and academics on their educational journey.

Indian Trail High School and Academy  

Lauryn Johnson

Lauryn G. Johnson

GPA: 3.5

Lauryn will be attending Lakeland University where she will major in Criminal Justice and minor in Social Justice.  Lauryn is inspired by her mother who dedicated her life to raising four girls.  She is driven by the words of her mother; “education is one thing that no one can take from you”.  Lauryn plans to combat the inequalities and disparities in the criminal justice system. 

Tiffany Villalobos

Tiffany M. Villalobos

GPA: 3.8

Tiffany will be attending Milwaukee School of Engineering, where she will study Software Engineering.  Tiffany will be a first-generation college student, which is her motivation.  Tiffany desires to be a role model for future generations and women of color in the field of software engineering.

Stefinie Washington

Stefinie Washington

GPA: 4.0

Stefinie will be attending UW Parkside, where she will study Applied Health Science. Stefinie is motivated to pursue a career in the field of science and medicine due to her personal experience with the loss of a grandmother to a rare blood disease. After the completion of medical school, Stefinie hopes to become a surgeon.

Justus Wilhoit

Justus K. Wilhoit

GPA: 4.0

Justus will be attending Princeton University, where he will major in Public Policy with an emphasis in Media.  Justus is motivated by his passion for journalism and law.  He hopes to bring awareness to current events that influence society and challenge discriminatory societal norms. 

Heaven Williams

Heaven A. Williams

GPA: 3.9

Heaven will be attending either UW Parkside or UW Madison where she will be studying Pre-Med. Heaven recognized her mom's struggles to raise her and her siblings and appreciates her support for higher education. Heaven hopes to become a physician that travels throughout the world providing health care to those in need. 

Lakeview Technology Academy

DaRon Green

DaRon D. Green

GPA: 3.4

DaRon will be attending Xavier University, Cincinnati, where he will be studying Civil Rights Law. He has been motivated by community leaders and activism to help bring about change through hard work and helping others. His goal is to use his education to become a civil rights lawyer; he also hopes to teach and write.

Reuther High School  

Tra'Shawn Gordon

Tra'Shawn C. Gordon

GPA: 2.8

Tra'Shawn is undecided on which school he will attend but plans to study Business and hopes to play Division III football. He credits his hardworking mother who raised him and his three sisters as a single parent and taught him discipline, respect and courtesy towards others.

Kiara Rios

Kiara L. Rios

GPA: 3.2

Kiaria will be attending University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where she will be studying Business and Entrepreneurship. She is motivated by her mother who taught her to work hard and never give up. Kiaria hopes to own her own brand and build a facility that will help young moms and troubled youth succeed in the world.

Tremper High School  

Ashley Osorio

Ashley E. Osorio

GPA: 3.7

Ashley will be attending Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design where she will be studying Fine Arts. Ashley is motivated by creative and artistic people and is strongly supported by her family and friends. She hopes to communicate her point of view and culture through her art and travel the world to be inspired by diverse people and their influences.


Carthage College Full-Tuition Scholarship Awardee


Mahone Fund Carthage College Access Education Awardees


Mahone Fund CEO Youth Scholar Awardees

2022 Living Legend Community Award Recipient

In January, Gateway Technical College President and CEO Albrecht announced plans to retire this fall. In his 38-year career in education he received several professional accolades for his work, including being selected for the National Coalition of Certification Centers Founder’s Award and the Wisconsin Association for Career and Technical Education’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Bryan Albrecht

Dr. Bryan Albrecht 

"I am humbled to receive this recognition and will use it to strengthen the important mission of service to others.”

–Dr. Bryan Albrecht 

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