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Lincoln Park Flower Garden – Kenosha, WI

Extra Crispy Brass Band

New Orleans Brass band

Wednesday, August 30 @ 6:45pm

The ECBB is an 8-piece ensemble that performs a variety of repertoire ranging from jazz standards to contemporary pop tunes played in the style of a traditional New Orleans street band. The back line is essentially the rhythm section and consists of two drummers and a sousaphone. The drummers play bass drum and snare drum respectively, both with cymbals. The sousaphone plays the role traditionally occupied by a bass player. The front line consists of two trumpets, one tenor saxophone (doubling on soprano), and trombones, all of whom double on vocals. The lead vocalist is trombone number 2. All other vocals provide a powerful background. The ECBB repertoire features extensive instrumental improvisation. Band members will generally use proximity effects to their advantage, backing off the mic for ensemble parts and getting close on solos. The ECBB is at its essence a street band. Performances may include a planned or impromptu acoustic parade to or from the stage, or around the venue.


The Mary Lou & Arthur F. Mahone Fund
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600 52nd Street, Suite 110, Kenosha, WI 53140

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